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What Happens in Vegas...

What happened in Vegas October 19-21 was the 13th annual American Association of Private Lenders Annual Conference, and North Oak Investment was there to take the pulse of the private lending industry and learn about the latest trends in our business.

The American Association of Private Lenders is the oldest and largest national association for the private lending industry. Every year they host the nation’s largest private lending event. This event is held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, featuring comprehensive education, networking, and plenty of Las Vegas food, shows, and fun.

The speakers, round table discussions, and networking with peers in the world of private lending affirmed to us that North Oak Investment is among the most innovative private lenders in the country.

Connections were made that will help take North Oak Investment to the next level in private lending in the Kansas City region and beyond in 2023. We are excited about the future.

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