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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Most of our rehab clients have a REAL job with REAL benefits. They rehab one house at a time because they enjoy doing it… and they make money doing it. We have many clients who have successfully done one house at a time for over a decade and a few for over two decades. A few occasionally step it up and do two at a time. Very few go beyond this.

However, to prove that I am not always right (easily and often proven), a long time ago, in my new construction lending days, a client called me on a Monday morning to tell me he was selling his newly completed foundation to a fellow who had just been transferred here as an Industrial Engineer, and this fellow wanted to build his residence on this foundation.

So, I financed that one, and then this fellow wanted to build another house for resale, then another, then a build job, etc. All this time, I was telling him not to quit his day job.

Well, this fellow was Don Julian, and he did quit his day job. Since then, he has built over 2,000 homes in the Kansas City area for over A Billion Dollars!

Real estate is a wonderful business, and we enjoy helping our clients begin and continue to be successful in this business

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