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Submit a loan application

The loan application takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete, and you'll be on your way to getting a Rehab Loan. Not enough time right now? No problem. Start now, then save your progress and continue later. Watch the video below for details on filling and submitting a "Fix & Flip" rehab loan application. Please take the time to list all your assets and holdings accurately.


The more provable assets you can list, the better terms we can offer for your fix and flip rehab loan. You should include cash, CDs, checking, & savings accounts, money market accounts, treasury bills, and property or land.  If need be, you can email a list of any assets you choose to list that will not fit the online form.

The rehab loan application form requires an answer to every field that has a red asterisk. If you encounter a text field that requires an answer, but the question does not apply to your circumstances, just type "NA" (not available). There are many number fields on the fix and flip application that require a number answer. If you have no input for these fields you must still type a "0" to replace the "0.00" placeholder in the number field.

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