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North Oak Investment is a hard money investment firm that provides short-term loans to individuals and businesses. The company is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through sound investment strategies and expert advice. Our focus and specialty is helping short-term, fix & flip rehab investors. In fact, that’s all we do.

North Oak Investment's team of experienced private money lenders provides personalized loan advice and portfolio management. We are unique among hard money lenders because we will help you set your fix & flip rehab project repair budget. We will run your repair budget numbers through our proprietary algorithm and compare your budget to industry standards to ensure your project is properly funded.

The company's team of lending specialists works closely with clients to understand their unique financial situations and goals and to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses their specific needs.

North Oak Investment is committed to providing transparent and unbiased advice to its clients. North Oak Investment is a member of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), which provides resources and education to help us protect both our borrower's and investors' assets.

Our team of experts stays on top of market trends and changes, so we can provide the most current and accurate information to our clients. The firm also provides resources and tools, such as market analysis and a loan calculator, to help clients make informed decisions. North Oak Investment is a great choice for those looking for personalized, comprehensive asset-based loan services and expert advice.

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