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Truepic Vision

Coming in October to a Smartphone Near You

Truepic Vision is a digital inspection platform that provides a quick and convenient way to send verified, trustworthy images directly from you, the borrower. Truepic Vision gives the same trusted result as traditional site inspections but gets it done virtually. North Oak Investment prides itself on providing professional service while saving you money. The average rehab project will request draw/reimbursement funds 10 times per project. Other hard money lenders will charge $175.00+ to send an inspector out for each request. North Oak Investment saves you $1750.00+ per project by utilizing technology that virtually everyone uses in day-to-day life, the smartphone. While our customers have been sending pictures to support their draw requests for several years, Truepic Vision takes this to the next level with cutting-edge photo verification and ease of use. With Truepic Vision, there is no more ponderous emailing or uploading of images saved to your device. We will send you a link each time you request a draw/reimbursement. Using the FREE Truepic Vision app, you will take pictures that fully depict the items you request reimbursement for. The pictures are automatically uploaded to our Portfolio Manager for processing. That's it! We will roll this out within the next several days. Continue to submit your draw requests and photos as you have been. You will know we have switched when you receive a text message with a link to download the Truepic Vision app after you submit your draw request. Then, start taking pictures. You will receive a text with a link each time you submit a draw request. If you have ANY questions, contact TJ at 816-616-3157

See how Truepic Vision Works

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