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Things Change

I attended a holiday party in the late 1990’s where I was introduced to the host’s brother and his friend. I told them that my business was making construction loans on new homes from starter homes to Hallbrook. They wanted to buy, fix-up and resell an existing house and I told them I didn’t do that.

Later in the evening, after a few beers, I told them I would try one. It was just a lot with a house already on it.

So, I did one with them, which was successful, which lead to more. Later, they split their partnership and now I had two clients… then a friend did one… then others.

The rehab loan business grew, and I stopped making construction loans because the rehab business had become full-time.

A few years later someone told me I was a “hard money lender”.

- Bernard P. Richter November 2021

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