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Quit Claim Deeds

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

QUIT is the key word here. Quit trying to convey title to real estate by simply filling in the blanks on a Quit Claim Deed form until:

  1. You have accurate knowledge of how the title is presently held.

  2. You have accurate knowledge that the present owner has a valid title.

  3. The present owner is accurately described.

  4. The new owner to be is accurately described.

Some of these deeds are like the old radio and TV program "The Original Amateur Hour" where there was one winner and several who did not win. At North Oak Investment we will not process a new loan request where a Quit Claim Deed is involved until we see a Title Commitment showing that the present owner can convey a good title. We have experienced far too many transactions where faulty Quit Claim Deeds have clouded titles which would take so long to resolve that the transaction falls apart... so, remember... the word is QUIT.

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