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NOI Customer Gets National Exposure

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

House Hunters Logo

It was brought to our attention that one of our long-time customers was approached by the producers of the reality show House Hunters on HGTV. Shawn Moore, the owner of "Many Moore Properties," recounts the day he was contacted below.

Many Moore Properties Featured on HGTV

Many Moore Properties and HGTV Logos

By Shawn Moore

After purchasing the property at 8828 N Grand, Kansas City, MO, in late October, we completed a total rehab on the property. Once we went to market, the producer of House Hunters on HGTV reached out to my realtor Lance Blackburn and asked if we would be interested in being featured in allowing them to film an episode using our property. Of course, we were excited at the opportunity to be on tv. Contracts were sent over, and a production date was set. Once the date was set, we had to agree not to be onsite during filming, which was a real bummer given the excitement around being chosen for this opportunity. After Many Moore Properties had only been in business for a few years, to get this opportunity was great. Lance was probably the most excited about the opportunity after being in real estate for over 20 years and having a listing on HGTV. They spent an entire 12hr day filming just at our property. This was an exciting opportunity to show all the hard work all my contractors put into making this house a beautiful home.


Interestingly, Bernie financed the new construction of this home around 1972. Read his musing on the story here

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