Great!  You're ready to create a repair budget.

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*Please read the below points before starting
  • Enter EITHER a social security # OR an EIN # - NOT BOTH
  • "Street Address Line 2" is for Apartment #'s, Suite #'s, Unit #'s
    • If this does not apply to your property, leave blank​
      • This is one exception to the last bullet on this list.​
  • ALL sections MUST have ONE box checked
    • If you do not plan to do any work on a section, check the box for "No Work"​
  • ALL "Cost Estimates" MUST have a number
    • If you do not plan to do any work on a section, put "0" in the "Cost Estimate" field.​
      • The form will automatically say "USD 0.00" in ALL of the "Cost Estimate" fields.  YOU MUST PHYSICALLY INPUT "0" in the field or else it will think you left it blank and will not allow you to submit the form.
  • If a section has a "Quantity" field, please be very careful to select the correct quantity.
    • Any quantity errors will affect the underwriting terms.​
  • There is a section towards the bottom of the form specifically for the basement remodel.
    • DO NOT include basement remodel costs in any sections which say "Not Including Basement"​
  • The form will not accept ANY blank fields, simply put "0" in lieu of leaving a field blank.